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Between the Shores (erotica with consent)

Borderline - Stacia Regala

Crazy in Love - Elizabeth Lark

Donovan’s Door - Sonni de Soto

First Date - Camille Lee (timelordsandkittens, ellimac)

Handcuffs Aren’t Just for Bad Guys - R.P. Duffy (queeriarty, 221brosiewilde)

How Can I Meet You? - Penny Armstrong (pennypaperbrain)

Little Dan - Nancy Weber

Make Tonight A Show - Rose Serrano (tristesses)

Provided For - T.C. Mill (mumblingsage​)

Return to Rope - Annabeth Leong

Rolling Deep - Tiana Tatanov (girlwith1oneeye)

Starshine - Guinevere Chase

Tether Me in Luxury - Violet West

The Art of Improvisation - Alex Freeman (pasiphile)

The Best Entanglements - Emma Grant

The Words, The Walls, and The Weaver’s Son - A.J. Odasso (irisbleufic)

Two Captains - Kim Dias (Kay_Jay_Dee)

Undercover Cops: EXPOSED Elizabeth Hickin (ineptshieldmaid) & Rachel Rackley (troije)

Vine - Melissa Snowdon (apiphile, saxifraga-x-urbium)

Waiting for the Light to Change - Kate Wickersham (thatworldinverted)


Heart, Body, Soul (erotica with character)

Advisedly and Soberly - Kitty Gamble (buckbeakbabie)

Close Pairs - Andrew Metallo (weunderstandthelights, fluorineandsilver)

Creatures of the Night - Tiana Tatanov (girlwith1oneeye)

Dr. Charles Cleans House - Paul Henry

Enjoy the Present - Spencer Koelle

Judith and Eleanor - Hanna Lockhardt

Kinbaku for Beginners - TR Verten (poose)

Leap of Faith - Jo Mathieson

Mistress of Victories - T.C. Mill (mumblingsage)

Mr. - Sue Lenée Cix

Red, Right, Returning - Eglantine

Sworn Upon the Altar of God - Kara Stanton (doxie67 and magdalenepenitent)

Tempestuous - Evadare Volney (vulgarweed)

Territories - Dee Maselle

The Dressing Room - Guinevere Chase

The Light at the End - Penname TBA (holyfant)

The Simpler Solution - Melinda T. Charvill

Tryst - Alex Freeman (pasiphile)

Very Impulsive/Very Angry - Ella Dawson (mslonelyhearts)


In a groundbreaking study, researchers reveal a host of new genes involved in schizophrenia, making it possible to develop desperately needed treatments

It took 80,000 genetic samples, seven years and the work of 300 scientists from around the world, but scientists now have the most complete dossier on schizophrenia ever.

In an historic paper published in the journal Nature, the Schizophrenia Working Group of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium identified 108 new regions on the genome linked to the psychiatric disorder, which is associated with hallucinations and psychotic episodes and affects about 1% of people worldwide.

Scientists begin to crack the code on schizophrenia, identifying 108 genes involved in the disorder. Complement with the relationship between creativity and mental illness, with a special focus on schizophrenia.  (via explore-blog)
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